• It's time to kick your morning in the a**

    Butter in your coffee. Yes, seriously.

  • fatCoffee® makes the richest, most satisfying butter coffee you've ever had - in 60 seconds or less - anywhere, anytime.

    Imagine having the  steady energy and sustained focus of butter coffee with you wherever you go. Easy-to-carry, simple to mix, non-perishable and made of 100% grass-fed butter and organic coconut oil. The perfect cup, every time. Make it while traveling, in the office, or anywhere you have a hot cup of coffee or tea.

  • What is butter coffee, and why would you want to drink it?

    Maybe you saw someone do it on TV. Or you read about it on a Paleo blog. Or you saw something about it on the internet. Or maybe you’ve been to Tibet or Nepal, or Ethiopia at some point in the last 1,000 years. Adding a high-quality fat to a hot drink such as tea or coffee has been around a long time.


    Unexpected? Think about what you might put in your coffee today: milk, creamer, or half-and-half. Butter (and ghee) is just way further up the so-creamy-it-tastes-like-heaven curve. 


    And what is that creamer, half-and-half or non-dairy creamer doing for your body


    Not all Butter is Created Equal

    You can’t just slap a pat of any old butter in your coffee, though, and expect decent things to happen. Because butter coffee is about more than just the taste of churned cream or ghee, it’s about getting the right kinds of fats into your body.


    Milk from grass-fed cows makes all the difference, both in the taste and color of the butter, and in the composition of the fats inside.


    Not all “Pastured Butter” is actually 100% grass-fed

    If you’re trying to maximize the benefits of putting grass-fed butter in your coffee (or anywhere in your diet), it makes sense to look for butter that comes from cows which are always 100% pastured and grass-fed. Unfortunately, for one of the most popular grass-fed options, this isn’t the case. If the cows’ feed is being “supplemented”, it needs to be supplemented with hay, alfalfa, or other grasses that can be stored for winter feed. 


    We use ghee made from 100% pasture-raised and grass-fed butter, which comes from cows raised in Lancaster County, PA.


    Ghee or Butter?

    Sometimes people ask why we use ghee instead of butter. The answer is simple: ghee doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and that’s why fatCoffee packets can go anywhere with you, and be ready anytime you want to make butter coffee. 


    Ghee is essentially clarified butter. When you slowly and gently heat butter, the milk solids settle to the bottom, and the water evaporates. What’s left is ghee, which has a slightly sweeter, nuttier taste profile. It’s also completely shelf-stable, so again – no refrigeration required.


    Substitutes are no substitute 

    We mix only the highest quality organic coconut oil and MCT oil, along with whole powdered goat milk from pastured goats, in with our ghee. As a result, fatCoffee ain’t cheap. But we haven’t ever really looked for cheaper alternatives, because the quality of the ingredients is 100% of the reason why we make fatCoffee – the best fats, for the best you.

    fatCoffee makes an delicious, satisfying cup of butter coffee or butter tea in about a minute

    fatCoffe is portable, doesn't need to be refrigerated, and can be mixed anywhere, anytime.

    You get a creamy, frothy, vanilla latte-like beverage that's perfect every time.

    Our 100% grass-fed & organic cow's milk means you get the highest quality butter, wherever you live.

  • Try fatCoffee Risk Free

    If you don't like it, just return what's left and you'll get your money back, no questions asked. Heck, give the leftovers to a friend, and we'll still give you your money back.


    You get a chance to try an amazing, delicious and deeply satisfying butter coffee at home, at your office, or on the road.

  • Locally-produced ghee made from 100% grass-fed butter

    Read up on the many benefits of grass-fed butter vs. regular butter, how it supports heart health and in particular why it helps to use organic, grass-fed clarified butter or ghee, like we do! 

    Organic, sustainably-harvested wet-milled Coconut and MCT Oil, and powdered Goat's Milk

    Coconut oil is deeply-satisfying, appetite-reducing, and provides a rich flavor profile while helping to increase your energy. MCT oil adds to these properties and provides additional energy boosting and fat-burning attributes.


    We use goat milk to help make fatCoffee® portable and easy to mix, and to improve the taste and feel of your fatCoffee®-powered beverage. Most people who are sensitive to cow's milk have fewer problems with goat's milk.

    Easy-to-carry packaging requires no refrigeration and is always ready-to-use

    Our proprietary blend is shelf-stable by design, with no preservativesno stabilizers and no artificial ingredients. Mix with hot coffee or tea on the go, with no electric blending required. 20-30 seconds of shaking produces a rich, creamy, satisfying, latte-like, drink anywhere, any time.

  • Butter in my coffee? Seriously?

    We love it, and we think you will too! Just give it a try.

    So, can I have this instead of a meal?

    fatCoffee® is nutritionally-dense (about 200 calories per serving, when mixed with 8-12oz of brewed coffee.) Most people tend to have it with a small meal, though. Because fatCoffee contains MCT oil (which is made from coconut oil), it can sometimes cause digestive discomfort if consumed in too large a quantity, or on an empty stomach. A single serving of fatCoffee® contains about 1/2 tablespoon of MCT oil though, and most people don't experience those effects unless they consume more than 3 tablespoons of MCT oil per day.


    But aside from that, fatCoffee® definitely does not contain the full breadth of nutrients that you'd get from meal of real food. So, we think it's an excellent addition to an ancestral/paleo/real food diet, and not a substitute for one.

    How do I actually use this?

    It's simple: you add to your favorite coffee (or other hot beverage; when mixed with herbal fruit-flavored tea, it's like drinking a hot cup of pie), and mix it up!


    fatCoffee is designed to be easily mixed with a hot beverage in order to make a delicious, satisfying, latte-like beverage anywhere, anytime. There are a couple of ways of mixing it up, as we've detailed here.

  • We've got a lot going on...

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